And the winners are....

Grand Prize – 15 PLEX
Rhavas, 'Intercession'

Eight Thousand Suns in New Eden (lore-based category)
1st Prize – 10 PLEX
Da'iel Zehn, 'Gauss'

2nd Prize – 7 PLEX
Jakob Anedalle, 'Taking His Medicine'
Sugar Kyle, 'Blood Money'
Vaku Rakumakan, 'Turncoat'

3rd Prize – 5 PLEX

Vehestian, 'Slavery of My Soul'
Thes Redav, 'Blind Spot'
Kytayn, 'Free to Choose'
Callista Dalmore, 'Mexallon falling'

A Day in the Life (freeform category)

1st Prize – 8 PLEX
Jalep Malukker, 'A Toy Amongst Giants: A Newbie's Tale'

2nd Prize – 4 PLEX
Rhavas, 'Homecoming'
Sugar Kyle, 'Economics'

3rd Prize – 2 PLEX
Soren Audeles, 'The Hush of God'
Caelestina, 'Elusive Desire'
Kyle Yanowski, 'Station Games'

Other Things Just Make You Swear and Curse (humor category)
1st Prize – 5 PLEX
Drackarn, 'The Briefing'

2nd Prize – 3 PLEX
Sugar Kyle, 'ECM Nightmare'

3rd Prize – 1 PLEX
Voluspa Dreamweaver, 'Lesson Learned'

Honorable Mention (from all categories)
Random McNally, 'For Love and Money'
Sugar Kyle, 'Boots on the Ground; Fire in the Sky'
Vaku Rakumakan, 'Dolan Denis'
Voodoo Williams, 'An Immortal Scorned'
Archie Andrews, 'Monopoly'
Makoto Priano, 'Diamond'
Psy Fi, 'A Dusty Future'
Penny Ibramovic, 'What we have here is a failure to think straight'
Penny Ibramovic, 'Just another day in w-space'
Leta Lilitu, 'An Awkward Moment on a Gate'
John Piggot (char name Nin Elanihan), 'Miner's Blues' 

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